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Friday, April 23, 2010

Marvin Hardy - Balloon Magic, The Complete Guide to Balloon Tying

Welcome to the fascinating world of Balloon Magic!
With this introductory book, and a little practice, you'll soon be able to create colorful, lively balloon figures with Qualatex 260Qs to delight and entertain people of all ages---including yourself. The 260Q balloon has long been popular with balloon entertainers as well as clowns because it can be used to make a wide variety of figures. It's the first balloon that comes to mind when you think of balloon figure tying.

Start with the best balloons: Qualatex.
The Qualatex 260Q balloon is a versatile, high-quality balloon that measures about 2 inches across and 60 inches long when inflated. The Balloon Magic 260Q Figures book is your step-by-step guide to the art of turning these balloons into gifts for children (and the young-at-heart),
party favors and decorations, accents for arrangements, and storytelling
and teaching aids.

This book is designed for beginners as well as experienced balloon artists. Those who are new to the art can easily follow its directions. It's divided into sections, with each section building on the skills and techniques taught in the previous sections. So it's important to start at the beginning, working your way through the sections and building on learned techniques.
Practice, practice, practice. Now you're ready for the fun. Of course, you must practice, but that's part of the Fun too. Before you know it, you'll be creating all of the Figures in this book-as well as many of your own.

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Nathan Kranzo - Squish Vanish & Other Mysteries

The Squish Vanish created a sensation when it was first released on Youtube.

No Pulls.
No thumbtip.
No hook coin.
No spit.
No sticky tape.
No thread.
No magnets.
No sleeves.
No topit.
No dropping.
No lapping.
No kidding.

You will learn the Squish Vanish as well as these other mysteries…

Create the illusion of a coin folding up inside a borrowed bill and vanishing.
Create the illusion of a coin vanishing in a flash of fire.
Create the illusion of a coin defying the laws of gravity.
Create the illusion of a coin changing elements.
Create the illusion of a coin visually softening like molten lava.

…and much more!!!

This ebook also includes video files to help you learn every detail of this concept as well as how to apply it to different effects. The Squish Vanish is really only the tip of the iceburg. You will learn this fantastic vanish and ELEVEN other routines and ideas. Squish isn’t just an amazing vanish…dozens of other effects are possible.

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Senor Mardo - The Cups & Balls (pdf)

Here is the Senor Mardo work on the Cups & Balls, considered by many to be a true classic & necessary for anyone interested in performing the cups.

A 34 page booklet offering a complete analysis of the manipulation, routining, and presentation of this classic effect.

Passes, Palms, Loading, Baby Chicks, Liquid Loads, Mechanical Cups, Special Tables, Patter, Wardrobe, Music, Lighting, 3 full routines with standard cups, a full routine with tumblers, the Homing Ball (ball & cone), Three Shell Game, a Sponge Ball Routine, and Mardo's own Chinese Cups and Balls Routine are also included.

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Ashampoo AntiSpyWare 2 (2010)


Realtime-protection of all relevant processes
Windows? Doesn’t offer sufficient protection yet at all to ward off all threats coming from the internet. Hijacker, dialer, spyware tools, worms, adware programs, Trojan horses, key logger and rootkits: Besides typical virus programs, there is a lot of malware that can penetrate the computer as soon as an unsafe internet connection is established.

Ashampoo presents its new protection program Ashampoo AntiSpyWare 2 which offers twice as much protection as the previous version. Having run a full computer scan for possible infections, the program will remove the infected files immediately. A permanent active background 4 stars of softonic scanner will notify you in advance and offer real-time protection for the computer. While connected to the internet the program makes sure that new malware won’t have any chance to enter your system through the back door.

Virus definitions on more than 2,009,156 threats are already included you will be protected against. Virus signatures will be updated online on a regular basis so that your weapon never gets blunt. Thus, securing that even most recent spyware will be safely identified. Heuristic search patterns will repel even malware that is not yet known but will get identified through suspicious actions.

Twice as good as the predecessor
Windows Vista?users now also can make use of the new Ashampoo AntiSpyWare program offering perfect protection against all evil that might come from the internet and which will take possession of your hard drive. This fact shouldn’t be underestimated since Windows Vista™’s onboard-tools don’t offer enough protection to keep spyware threats especially under control. Ashampoo AntiSpyWare 2 locks directly into Windows Vista?Gadget working as an information and control operation centre for security issues.

A lot has been achieved during the leap from the first version of Ashampoo AntiSpyWare to the second. Everything is twice as good as before from now on. This applies to enhanced real-time protection also. In comparison to the previous version, the protective guard will now have an eye on even more Windows?tasks. Therefore destructive tools, spyware programs and Trojan horse won’t have any chance to settle down on the system since they will already be identified and removed upon their first strike.

In case of infection the program now offers an Online malware database. When Ashampoo AntiSpyWare 2 finds one of the 1,270,000 known threats you will get online information as to the nature of the parasite program and which damage it poses when in real danger.

If you want to exclude certain folders and files from scan control, since the program will give “false alarm?for various reasons, then these paths can be added to a whitelist. Ashampoo AntiSpyWare 2 will not search for potential threats in those files and folders. To prevent malware from secretly adding itself, the whitelist is being encrypted and therefore stored securely.

It has a brand-new multi-user support. Personal settings can be adjusted and stored by every single user when used by several persons. When using the software the next time those settings will be quickly restored.

New features in Ashampoo AntiSpyWare 2:
* Protection against more than 1,270,000 threats from the internet.
* Full compatibility with Windows Vista?(32 Bit) from now on.
* Windows Vista?Gadget (Vista 32-Bit) works as information and control operation centre Users can store their personal settings into the respective folders thanks to the new multiple user support. Administrator rights are not required.
* Enhanced Realtime Monitor also takes care of new Windows areas (BHO, Winsock LSPs, Windows Hosts file, Autostart entries etc.).
* Newly developed as well as completely revised Vista compatible tools are now available basing on Ashampoo WinOptimizer 4, the awarded winner by the German computer magazine ComputerBILD.
* Hostsfile Checker reports suspicious entries in Hosts file and allows for cleaning up.
* LSP-Viewer gives support to the user to identify installed winsock attributes, by which means parasite programs can be smuggled into.
* Folders, files or even „infections?can be excluded from the search to prevent false alarms thanks to the whitelist definitions.
* Due to internal encryption algorithms possible malicious threats are prevented from secretly adding themselves to the whitelist.
* There is a direct online connection to a malware database which gives information on detected infections.
* The integrated task scheduler has been fully integrated by now and it is possible to create, manage and perform automatically individual scanning tasks.
* Users with a licence on the first version of Ashampoo AntiSpyWare which is still in force can transfer heir remaining time for signature update licence to the second version.
* Three integrated skins adapt to personal customization of the program.

Included Languages:
Chinese (simplified)

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Jagged Edge - Superhero (Real FULL) (2010)

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